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  RMA Terms & Conditions:

1) SSP Quality Engineering will evaluate and issue RMA based on completion of all required fields in the RMA Form.
2) For work that is determined Customer Responsibility: SSP Customers are required to issue an RMA Purchase Order to SSP SSP has completed an evaluation of the details provided in the RMA form and determined that customer is responsible for the work to be performed. An RMA number will be assigned after receipt of an RMA Purchase Order from customer.
3) For work that is determined SSP Responsibility: SSP Customers will receive an RMA number SSP has completed an evaluation of the details provided in the RMA Form and determined that SSP is responsible for the work to be performed.
4) SSP reserves the right to rework all items determined to be SSP responsibility without customer approval. SSP will notify customer of rework performed to assure associated paperwork is available for shipment and receipt.
5) If 45 calendar days after issuing an RMA SSP has not received the part(s), the RMA will be cancelled
6) Parts shall not be returned to SSP without an RMA number having been issued by SSP.
7) The RMA number shall be clearly marked on the outside of any boxes returned to SSP and referenced on all associated paperwork.

Standard fees associated to customer responsibility:

1) $600 evaluation fee per part.
2) $400 scrap fee.
3) Rework or replacement cost per quote.

RMA Form

Please fill out all (*) fields.
  Customer name *:  
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  Pre-approved Repair PO #:  
  Pre-approved Repair PO Line #:  
  If part submitted on this RMA request is deemed as SSP liability and can be reworked, can SSP complete and ship part back using original PO number (and associated information on same PO): [Yes/No]  
  SSP CO#:  
  RMA Type*:  
  Reason for Return * Quality non-Conformance
Received damaged
Damaged by customer/user
Need to upgrade to new configuration
  Is the part serialized ? Yes            No  
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